GameDev Talents Board

We launched Games industry focused Talent Board where anybody in the world can showcase their talent to hiring studios in Helsinki and get a dream job in the games industry in Finland!

December 11, 2019

Talent Board helps Talents to land a Dream job at a Games Studio in Finland

We decided to commit helping talents find their dream job at a Finnish games studio
It has been common knowledge for a while now that there is a huge lack of talent in the Game industry. It is also known that Helsinki is currently the best gaming ecosystem in the world. The talent deficit will not be solved by hiring a person from company A to company B within the Finnish games industry.

Universities are also not graduating enough people to solve the problem. This is why we decided to start facilitating tech recruitment events already in 2018, taking Finnish Games and IT studios to St. Petersburg and Kyiv to meet local talent and recruit team members.

Over the past two years we have been working with all the major gaming studios in Finland. We love games, we play games, that is why we are so successful in delivering success for the gaming studios.

However, we realized that out of the hundreds of professionals attending our events we were only helping a handful that were being recruited by the participating companies. We then decided to start interviewing specialists ourselves, and commit to helping them finding a position in Gaming in Finland.
Our talent board is also available at Arcade 5 / Maria 01 - the Capital of Helsinki Games Industry
Talents profiles are available online and on the talent board at Arcade 5 / Games House, come by to check it out on the 2nd floor and apply if you are interested to be there as well!

Arcade 5 is the heart of the Helsinki Games industry, so Talent applications will be also seen by local companies.
Instead of building a platform only for the job seekers, we wanted to build something that would attract the companies to come visit our site in search for talent
Seeing the talent as an equally important customer as the hiring companies, Games Factory Talents would like to to build a community of game developers and to showcase this community to the companies looking for new talent.

Instead of building a platform only for the job seekers, we wanted to build something that would attract the companies to come visit our site in search for talent. Our goal was to have a way to present our talent to companies, before the company has to start the long and expensive journey of advertising an open job position.

This is why we are announcing our Talent Board in the end of 2019. The Talent Board features a variety of available game industry professionals, revealing just enough of information about them for companies to decide if this is someone they want to pursue.
Contacting talent is free for hiring companies, but in case of recruitment we charge 1 month salary of your new team member
This is how it works!

1. You contact us about the talent you would like to know more.

2. We ask the talent you choose if they are interested in working with you.

3. Those candidates who are interested we will introduce to you and share their CVs and our screening notes.

4. You communicate directly with the candidates according to your recruitment process and keep us in the loop.

5. If you hire the talent within 12 months from the date we shared contact details - we charge you 1 months salary.