In challenging times, it's important to adapt and rethink our approach. The gaming industry has been facing its own set of challenges in 2023 and 2024. As our Games Job Fair event undergoes changes this year, we recognize the significant impact we have on job-seeking game developers.

Games Job Fair Spring 2024 originally didn't go as planned this April, but we're proud to have shown resilience in embracing change. We gathered 6 studios and, attracted over 1700 game developers and tech talents from around the globe, with 150 job seekers joining us in Helsinki.

If you missed the live event, you can catch the recording here or watch individual talks on our Youtube channel

As the event streamed on LinkedIn, we gathered insightful statistics about the attendees, most of whom were industry peers! Check out the detailed chart below. It's exciting to see such engagement from our fellow professionals!
Categorization of the attending talents
Split of attendees based on the Industry
Top 5 categories of attendees:

1. Computer Games
2. Software Development
3. IT Services & IT Consulting
4. Entertainment Providers
5. Animation & Post-production
New event format: LinkedIn Live + Discord
With an attendance of 1.4K lifetime viewers on we had a great turnout for our first foray into this type of a stream for the event. The audience was engaged, and the was on absolute fire!

We were thrilled to see 1.4K lifetime viewers join us on LinkedIn Live for our first-ever stream of this kind during the event. The audience was active and our Discord server was buzzing with excitement!

Attendees had the chance to explore job openings from each studio and engage in discussions with their representatives in specific channels. A big thank you to FunPlus, Metacore, Strikerz Inc., and GIANTS Software for participating in these chats.

If you couldn't make it to the live event, you can catch the replay using here or watch individual talks on our Youtube channel.
Live Presentations by hiring Studios Metacore and Funplus
The Live sessions allowed attendees from all over the world to connect with studio representatives and receive answers to their questions in real time.
Excellent Unity and Sloyd Challenge Entries!
Our community professionals went above and beyond in challenging our judges this Spring, as we had phenomenal entries for the These challenges are a great opportunity for talents to showcase their skills in various disciplines like programming, art, game design etc. They are also a learning experience to get a feel for what would be expected of them when going through a recruitment process. As test assignments are a very common way of evaluating the skills of an applicant, we work together with studios in shaping these tasks to be as close to them as possible. This is especially important for juniors, who lack experience with recruitment processes at various companies.

For the Unity Programming Challenge, participants were tasked with creating an endless runner game, and we were blown away by the impressive coding skills demonstrated by our attending programmers. Judges Thomas Winkley and Sourav Chatterjee from Unity, along with Robin Vonsien from InnoGames, were delighted by the high quality and thoroughness of the code review session.

Meanwhile, artists were challenged to craft an exciting adventure for Sloyd's beloved mascot, Floyd. They exceeded expectations, sending Floyd on thrilling journeys through the wild west, spooky forests, open seas, and even outer space!

Both judges and organizers were thoroughly impressed by the consistently high standards of the submissions, with both the quality and quantity improving with each challenge.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the winners and express our sincere gratitude to all the challenge participants. It was truly inspiring to witness your talents in action.

Winning Entries of the Unity Programming challenge at Games Job Fair Spring 2024
Most Creative
Endless Runner by Jerri Ahonen
Best Technical Execution
Dig Deeper by Jasper Honkasalo
Best Overall Concept
Eden 7, by Alexander Tikhomirov
Winning Entries of the Art Challenges at Games Job Fair Spring 2024
New Challenges, Great Partners

These challenges provide a fantastic platform for individuals to demonstrate their expertise across different fields such as programming, art, and game design. They also offer valuable insights into what candidates can expect during a recruitment process. Since test assignments are a common method used by companies to assess applicants, we collaborate closely with studios to ensure that these tasks closely mirror real-world scenarios. This is particularly beneficial for junior participants who may not have much experience with recruitment processes at different companies.

Sloyd rendering challenge announcement
Unity Code review session
Unity programming Challenge panel and code review session
Career Boosting content

Every time we host an event, our aim is to deliver value and significance to both industry insiders and those on the periphery. It's not just about finding a job; it's also about creating opportunities for learning and personal development. Our guiding principle, "Connect, Discover, and Evolve," encapsulates our ongoing mission. We believe we've accomplished this with our most recent event. We enlisted top industry speakers to share their insights and expertise on topics such as "Effective Feedback Loops in Mobile Gaming," "Learning from the Past and Planning for the Future," "Harnessing Influencer Marketing for Success and Growth in Gaming," "Revamping Game Launch Strategies," and "The Current State of the European Games Industry in 2024." You can access all of these informative talks on our Youtube channel.

Successful Feedback Loops in Mobile Gaming by Moritz Angenendt
Yesterday's Debt and Tomorrow's dream by Ali Farha
Influencer Marketing in Gaming: Powering Success and Growth by Dimitris Mavromatis
Reinventing Game Launches by Jesse Lempiäinen
Participating studios had own channels on our Discord to chat and connect with attendees and share current open jobs
The State of the European Games Industry in 2024 by Jari-Pekka Kaleva
A Vibrant and Unifying Onsite in Helsinki
Thanks to the City of Helsinki and Game Makers of Finland, we were able to bring together over 150 talented individuals at Kamppi's Innovation Home on April 19th for a productive day of CV and Portfolio reviews. With support from 12 recruiters and lead artists representing studios like Rovio, Housemarque, Nitro Games, and more, our goal was to provide valuable guidance to our talents as they navigate through uncertain times.

The recent challenges in the market have certainly impacted our industry, but the games community continues to demonstrate its solidarity and support for one another. Whatever obstacles you may be facing, we want our Games Job Fairs to serve as a reminder that you are not alone. They are a safe space where you can connect, learn, and grow, even in challenging times.
Presentation by Games Makers of Finland
Talents registering for one on one coaching
CV review sessions by HRs of the studios
Our priority at Games Job Fairs is to unite hiring studios and job seekers, even in the face of industry challenges. We remain committed to fostering hope and facilitating growth within the gaming community. I'm thrilled with the turnout and the positive outcomes we've achieved.
Oleg Paliy
Games Job Fairs organizer / CEO at Games Factory Talents
City of Helsinki presentation
One on one portfolio review session
One on one CV review session
Did you miss the show? No worries you can view it below and on our Youtube channel
In these challenging times, it's natural to feel overwhelmed by everything happening in the world and our industry. While it's crucial to take care of ourselves, it's equally important to hold onto hope for brighter days ahead. As game developers, you possess resilience and passion that can carry you through tough times. We believe in you, and we encourage you to believe in yourselves as well.

At the Games Job Fair Spring 2024, we wanted to convey a crucial message: don't lose hope. Take the time to rest, recharge, and prioritize your well-being. Keep learning and growing, knowing that the industry will always welcome you back. Opportunities will arise when the time is right. Remember, this journey is a marathon, not a sprint. We hope you feel empowered and rejuvenated to continue this journey alongside us.
Participating Studios
The next hybrid Games Job Fair!

Our next hybrid Games Job Fair will be held in the Autumn of 2024! So we urge you to connect with us on our social networks and we look forward to seeing you again in a few months. Until then, we wish you success in finding your dream job and stay safe!