Games Job Fair
Connect. Discover. EvolvE


October 26-28

ONSITE Meet-up

October 28
At Games Factory Talents we expected Games Job Fair Autumn 2022 to be an end of the year hurrah, but our wonderful 25 participating studios and over 2000 talents helped us create something
even cooler than we had imagined.

We are brimming with joy to see the camaraderie, the caring, the sharing of knowledge this industry is all about, and we are super ready to tackle Spring'23!

Our principles moving forward? Connect, Discover, Evolve.
Being a fully remote team, everyone at Games Factory Talents truly values connection. Being in the same physical space and enjoying a program together is a feeling that can't be fully replicated online. Our October onsite day brought that feeling, which the pandemic has largely taken away, back.

But connection is so much more. It's discovering peers and potential teammates across hierarchy, seniority, and other boundaries. It enables talented developers to exchange jokes with team leads in the chat, and talk about good beer with studio reps in their virtual booth. We are proud to bridge those gaps and create such human connection.
Bridging the gap with participating studios and gamedev professionals
Nothing feels better for us than having participants telling us they learned valuable new things and made new contacts.
For "Games Job Fair Autumn 2022" we achieved our goal of having attending speakers host a bigger variety of talks for many a gamedev discipline. This allowed talents to familiarize themselves with studios they had not discovered before, and studio reps to broaden their network and recruitment pipelines.
Career boosting talks at the Mainstage (Online and Onsite)
Professional growth comes in many forms. We always aim to teach talents how to optimize their job search through talks on career growth, learn how to better their workplace through sessions such as our recurring DEI panels, and ultimately become a better version of themselves.

Having a global community of talented developers, we provide European studios with the expanded reach towards gamedev talent bringing new things to the table.
Importance of community in the Games Industry
Programming Code Review & Creative Portfolio Review

If Gamejams are your jam, but you want to know how studios hire at the same time, keep an eye on us. The purpose of this autumn's Unreal Engine 'Shmup' Programming Challenge was to give the expert feedback of Tech Leads to the talents, while familiarizing them with the test assignments they can expect when applying to studios. The Creative Portfolio Review also made its return, giving artists food for thought and improvement. We plan to keep these review sessions going, diversifying, and expanding moving forward.
Unreal Engine "Shmup" Challenge Code Review
Creative Portfolio Review
Studio Sponsored Art Challenges

In addition to the Programming Challenge, the Art Challenges from Spring'22 made their return, once again producing great artwork to be seen by hiring studios. The Programming Challenge delivered awards for 'Most Creative' game, 'Best Technical Execution,' and 'Best Overall Concept,' while the Art Challenges had 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners each. We welcome you to enjoy all Art entries on our Discord server. While the monetary prizes and swag of these challenges are nice perks, they're ultimately the fastest way for talented developers and studios seeking for them to come together. Programming and Art will return in spring, but we're already discussing other categories as well!

The Future

With April 2023 being just around the corner in event organizer time (don't mind us, we live in a pocket dimension), we have such valuable feedback and many ideas to bring to fruition.

The industry's return to onsite is here to stay, but worry not; Games Job Fair will always be online and accessible for talents. We definitely want to have an onsite part moving forward, as we can see how important it is to everyone, but the main, online portion has to rock your world, first and foremost. We also have some plans for our Discord community in the meantime, so make sure to join.

If you're a talent, we want you to know that you belong. You belong in this industry, and so many people already working in it are doing their best to keep it open. We hope our fairs prove that to you. If you're a studio professional, we invite you to join us in April for a great opportunity to meet our talented developers.
Being able to connect with talents and studios onsite is an experience I dearly missed. This event only fortified our will as a team to do the best we can do by our community, Online and Onsite. We're excited for Spring'23!
Oleg Paliy
CEO / Games Job Fairs organizer
Categorization of the pre-screened talents
Split of talents based on seniority
25 Participating Studios
The next hybrid Games Job Fair!

Our next hybrid Games Job Fair will be held in the Spring of 2023! So we urge you to connect with us on our social networks and we look forward to seeing you again in a few months. Until then, we wish you success in finding your dream job and stay safe!