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Games Factory Talents took the first steps in a brand new way to connect studios and game developers; We launched the GameDev Talents Board. Our motto would not be 'Connecting Passion & Talent' if we did not take the lead in innovating ways to do just that.
The European games industry's lack of skilled professionals has been an issue for a long time and Rome was not built in a day. It was also not built by one person. There are numerous methods of talent attraction being employed by companies like ours in bringing these professionals to studios, but what about showcasing them directly?

The biggest thing we have learned since the creation of our Games Jobs Fairs—and which our Discord community has really driven home—is that the gaming field is a vibrant, passionate space full of wonderful individuals with great talent and ability. It is a humbling, inspiring thing to see them come together, lift one another up, and help one another grow.
It is our goal to let studios see these professionals shine that motivated us to create our talent board.
Oleg Paliy
CEO, Games Factory Talents
We wanted to make a curated database that does away with distractions and solely focuses on talent and skill. Through our talent board, skilled developers can create a detailed, fully anonymous profile of themselves that allows recruiting studios to focus on what really matters.
So how does this work then? Very simply!
  • Talents create their anonymous profile (it's a fast, easy process).
  • We screen the profile and publish it upon completion.
  • Hiring studios browse the database and contact us about the talent/s whose profile/s piqued their interest.
  • We ask the talent if they are okay to have their full information shared with the studio in question.
  • Once we have a talent's permission we share their CV, and our screening notes.
  • After setting up an introduction, the studio can contact the talent directly and take them through their internal recruiting process, while updating us on how things are going.
  • If the studio hires the talent within 12 months from the date when we shared their contact details - we charge the studio a 1 month success fee (a fee equal to the amount of 1 month's salary for this talent)
So if you are a skilled gaming professional, or a studio looking to find their next teammate we invite you to check out our talent board:
Get in touch, today!
Vasileia Tolou
Talent Board Manager