Recruit top tech talents for the next big project with us. 

We have fixed fees on our matchmaking services. The prices depend on the seniority of the candidates and the position in question, and are agreed with the company before the talent acquisition services are provided. Prices are exclusive of VAT.

Permanent position
Senior/lead                4.500 - 6.500 EUR
Regular                        3.000 - 4.500 EUR
Junior                           1.000 - 1.500 EUR
Trainee/Intern*                           250 EUR

Project-based hires*
                         Under 6 months   Over 6 months
Senior/lead          Sal. + 20%           Sal. + 10%
Regular                  Sal. + 15%           Sal. + 8%
Junior                     Sal. + 10%           Sal. + 5%

Outstaffing services**
Senior/lead         Start from 9.000 EUR/month
Regular                 Start from 7.000 EUR/month
Junior                    Start from 4.500 EUR/month

Prices include (excluding short-term project-based hires and trainees):

  • Posting and promoting the job vacancy, unless directly on offer.
  • Shortlisting candidates (5-10 candidates / postion, including candidate introductory).
  • Preliminary online interview(s) to check motivation and proficiency in English.

Games Job Fairs

Participation in the event            2.000 EUR

Short-listing candidates***     200 - 500 EUR

Face to face interviews***      100 EUR each

Reference checks       100 EUR each

Consulting           90 EUR / h

Assisting in relocation matters

Every step (documentation, finding apartment, onboarding)  1.000 EUR + costs

Documentation for permit     250 EUR + costs

Hourly consulting                      90 EUR

Other consulting

100 EUR / h

*Talents already residing in Finland (with work permit).

**Starting fee with an agreed 12 month commitment, shorter periods negotiated separately. Outstaffing starting fees are negotiated, and are based on the monthly salary of the outstaffed employee.

***Depending on the specifications agreed with the company.