We are looking for a talented animator who wants to grow with us. We are currently working on two exciting projects: an unannounced AAA game with a new IP, and Stormdivers.

As an Animator your responsibility is to animate and implement animations in to the game engine. We expect you to have a thirst for learning and becoming a better animator, as well as to be a proactive and social person, who can work under a direction and mentoring of experienced animators. The tasks for the animators at Housemarque allow expressing oneself with a wide spectrum, all the way from animating humans to weird alien lifeforms and everything in-between, from gameplay animation to cutscenes.


  • At least 2 years of experience as an animator in a current generation console or a PC game project or at least one shipped title for any of the following platforms: PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, PC, Switch
  • Some experience in working or hobbying in any of the major game engines: Unreal 4, Unity, CryEngine, etc.
  • Solid skills in at least one major animation software, but experience in Maya is preferred


  • Able to rig and skin on a game production level
  • Art degree (BA, MA, etc.)
  • 2D animation skills
  • 3D modeling/sculpting skills
  • Mocap experience
  • Game hobby/student projects and game jam participations
  • Knowledge of any other game development skills
  • Ability to draw down animation ideas, rough storyboards and thumbnails

Housemarqueis one of the oldest game company in Finland and has a track record of 20+ years of developing top-notch console and PC games with a focus on tight gameplay, impeccable audiovisual execution, and technical excellence.

We are the perfect workplace for talented people with interest in self-development, open communication and passion for games. Our brilliant, diverse and empathetic group of people create a warm and welcoming atmosphere to our office in Helsinki, and we focus on our employee’s well-being and healthy work-life balance.

Our company’s purpose is to: 
1) Be a great workplace, where people can develop professionally and personally;

2) Develop games that bring joy and happiness to our gamers and fans.

Animator to Housemarque