The next IT and Games Job Fair will be held in the heart of the Finnish game industry at Helsinki Games Factory on April 6th.

Sooner or later, almost every developer thinks about how to gain international experience, which is highly valued by employers around the world. And those who are already interested in international experience, as well as working for a Finnish software or game company, we invite to apply for face-to-face interviews at IT and Games Job Fair Helsinki.

For professionals like programmers, designers, artists, analysts, producers, QA engineers etc. – this is a great opportunity to take part in face-to-face interviews and subsequently get hired by a foreign company.

And we have a nice bonus for those candidates that will be invited for interviews with the companies! We will arrange free transportation from St. Petersburg and Tallinn, to Helsinki and back, to attend the event and to get interviewed.

Details about the event and application at

Apply for the positions that would be most suitable for you, you can specify what you are looking for more detailed in your cover letter. The participating companies will review your application, and schedule interviews with the ones they might be hiring. You need to get an invitation to attend the event.

The event consists of two parts: presentations from the companies and face-to-face interviews. You will get a chance to meet both large and small Finnish companies, including Housemarque, Hatch Entertainment, Angular Velocity, Yousician and more.

The event itself will be held at Helsinki Games Factory,  a place rightfully called the Embassy of the Finnish game industry.

We would also like to point out that on March 13th, a Warmup event will take place at the House of Finland in St. Petersburg, where you will learn more about companies and their new projects, their open positions as well as what kind of specialists they are currently looking for. You can ask questions that interest you, as well as find out what is necessary for moving to Finland.

We will also stream the event online for those who cannot visit in person. At the Warmup event we will also give you advice on how to compose a resume and answer all the questions you might have about living and working in Finland.

Why Finland? Today, Finnish software and game companies are considered among the most promising and fastest growing in Europe. Many universities in Finland train new professionals for the software and game industries at a steady pace, but companies still lack talent, especially developers. Today Finland is considered to be one of the world centers of the game industry. The industry comprises about 260 companies from smaller studios to world-famous companies such as Supercell, Remedy, Rovio, Housemarque, Wargaming, Next Games, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft and many others.

The government strongly supports the game industry and the turnover of the Finnish game industry is about 2.5 billion euros per year. At the same time, about 30% of the employees of the Finnish game studios are foreigners. English is the official language for almost all the software and game companies. For instance in Espoo (a suburb of Helsinki), English has the status of an official language.

To simplify the process of finding talents and professionals for the software and game industries the IT and Games Job Fair event was created. This event is focused specifically on finding foreign software and game industry professionals for the Finnish companies.   

What to expect from living and working in Finland

Corporate culture in the Finnish software and game industries is something special, something you should be aware of. Hierarchical structures are almost completely absent (they exist only in very large companies). The work environment is relaxed: it is not uncommon for employees and managers to spend time together for a coffee break and discuss life, family and hobbies. The official language in the companies is English, you do not however have to know English at a professional level. The intermediate level is enough, you need to be able to communicate with your team in an understandable way.

Education in Finland is free and accessible to all and is highly regarded all over the world. IT skills are very valuable and even children from the age of 6 get to try out programming in pre-school.

A higher degree is desirable, but not mandatory. There are companies where none of the developers have a specialized education, because the most important thing is practical skills and experience.

The companies are waiting to see your application!

• March 13th, 19:00 (Moscow time), Warmup event in St.Petersburg , at ul. Bolshaya Knushennaya 8, House of Finland, you can register here –

• March 13th, 18:00 (Helsinki time), Online Warmup event, you can register here –

• April 6th, IT and Games Job Fair Helsinki, Helsinki Games Factory, Lapinlahdenkatu 16, building 5, Helsinki, 00180. Registration via

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